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The question remains.....who is this Noah Fentz

And why does he play songs like these?

You have heard the song featured in the movie

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

"Man of Constant Sorrow"   

and now he has

"Man of Constipation"

(I  recommended Citricil)

Please visit the good people making bluegrass

music better in the Louisville, Ky. region!

Bluegrass Anonymous

Just a few songs more that we at noahfentz love!

"Calf" dedicated to the guys at

Listen to: "Calf upon the hill"

"Strapped" is dedicated to the most fun people at the IBMA

The California Bluegrass Music Association

Listen to: "Strapped one on for you!"

If you are offended, remember, this place is for people who take "no offense"

Let us know what you think!

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